Buy Oregon Fake ID Fake Driver License

Oregon Fake ID License

Oregon Fake ID

Information: Our Oregon fake id and fake driver license is printed on teslin. Scannable with 1D and 2D bar codes on the back.

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fake driver license novelty id card

Finished fake IDs and Fake Driver License.

We know the fake ids and fake drivers license we make from front to back, and not one detail is left unperfected. We hope you will see our commitment to quality that will pass in-state.

Our Ohio fake id and fake drivers license is printed on PVC and is scannable with 1D & 2D bar codes. It is valid for 4 years with the license number comprised of 2 letters and 6 digits. UV Blue (OHIO-1803) with Ohio state seal glows under black-lighting. Overlapping the main photo is a 2D-3D Ohio state seal at the left side of state flag. OVD (optical variable device - a fancy name for a hologram) of the Ohio state bird, which is a cardinal, changes to buckeye as the fake is tilted. The overlay laminate has the following, "Department of Public Safety" text sideways at the left side, an image of the state outline at the upper right area in the photo corner, the state flag, and the capitol building near the center. The word "Ohio" at the right, the state outline and state bird at the top left in a ghost image. There are concentric ovals, the Ohio state seal below the ghost image, and a tire tread curved along the top, and bottom right. The Ohio State outline over the ghost image and state seal on the bottom right glows under black-lighting.

Our Illinois fake id and fake drivers license is printed on PVC and is scannable with 1D and two 2D bar codes printed on the back of the card, formatted with our customer's information, the same as the real license. It is valid for 4 years and the license number for the Illinois fake id fake drivers license starts with the first letter of last name, and then 11 digits. On the back of the Illinois fake id and fake drivers license, there is a microprint line under the Illinois web site address. Also present are a kinetic hologram, laser, and UV pattern diagonally across of "ILLINIOS" on the front of the fake.

Florida Fake ID Fake Drivers License

Our Florida fake id and fake driver license is printed on Polycarbonate, and is scannable fake id and fake drivers license with a 1D and 2D bar code on the back. The license number format for the Florida fake id is the Soundex System consisting of 13 characters. Please note that we are happy to correctly format the license number for any fake you order, even when you do not specify the number on the order form. It is valid for 8 years.  The Florida fake has holographic overlay of "FL", and the Florida state seal. The third ghost image, and holder's last name, is visible only under black-lighting. We also clone the microprinting on the back around the government URL.